CSC's of yesteryear

Celtic Supporters Clubs are the lifeline of Celtic FC. This page is dedicated to the CSC's of yesteryear who have played their part throughout the illustrious history of our club. The clubs listed are ones I don't have listed on my site anymore. If any are still on the go, let me know and I will put them on my CSC page. Here's to a trip down memory lane. 

Em'dy know where ma bus is parked?

On my Celticbars site I have 516 CSC's listed. Going through my data base collated over the last 21 years, there are another 468 disbanded CSC's which have went to the Great Bus Park in the Sky. The CSC's listed at the moment are all active and spread over 48 countries. To find your nearest club, have a look here.

Supporters Clubs play a huge role in our Club. They are great to be part of if you move to a new place and want to meet new friends. Several generations of families continue to keep their CSC traditions going. Young children come onto a bus and feel part of the club. They grow up learning the stories and history of Celtic FC and their CSC. They in turn keep that tradition going when they have children of their own, whilst taking their auld da' with them who started the ball rolling for them. 

One of the reasons I never publicise illegal streams is if someone is in New York for example, I would rather recommend bars with a CSC's connected to them rather than a random bar. North American clubs pay a lot of money for Celtic TV. Most have a cover charge to make it affordable and possible. They deserve the custom from visitors, who in turn buy their merchandise and raffles, thus ensuring the continued running of the CSC. This also attracts new members who have recently moved into the area.

Special mention to all those who give up their own time to help run the CSC's. It is hard work but very enjoyable. To organise anniversary functions which attracts current and former players leaves a lasting memory for all those attending. The chance to hold the trophies provides special moments as we have seen recently with families getting their photos with the treble. With social media, this publicity further enhances the clubs reputation.

Brake Clubs

Supporters Clubs go way back to the very existence of Celtic FC. The first CSC's were Brake Clubs, named after the horse drawn carriages which carried up to 25 fans. The first clubs was started in 1891 with St Mary's & St Margaret's both claiming the distinction of being the first. Other clubs soon followed suit like St John's, St Francis, St Joseph, St Vincent and St Aloysius'. Some members paid 4d and some paid 6d to be allocated a space on the brake club. These would mostly be restricted to travelling to the Glasgow area and towns like Greenock and Dumbarton. They have left a great legacy with their splendid painted banners with their current favourite player in the middle. Often the player would be painted over with their latest star. One of these banners hung proudly in Baird's Bar for years. This was auctioned at McTear's in 2003 but never met the reserved asking price. A brilliant memorabilia for someone one day.

Sunday Mail August 2nd 1942

Brake Clubs would meet at The Gorbals then proceed in convoys to Paradise. Given the sign of the times, these horse drawn charabancs were full of working men having their escape from the harsh realities of their job and life in general. They were noisy and often alcohol fueled. I would imagine pishing in the street wasn't exclusive to the horses. I often wonder if my family were on these wagons. My Great Granny was born in East Rose Street and was living there in November 1887 when Brother Walfrid had the first meeting. From old Glasgow maps, her house was one of the closest to St Mary's Hall. We have tried to find out, to no avail, if any of our family were at that first meeting. We like to think they were. As an aside, my Great Granny married Duncan McIntyre who was an original member of Third Lanark FC and who was a team mate of the great Willie Maley. Duncan was once described as the one of the finest strikers in Scotland. He had an obituary in the papers 50 years after he played. Oh to have met him and listened to his stories. 

By the 1920s, the Brake Clubs were in a decline. The popularity of cars and trains made independent travel to games easier and more convenient. The Celtic bars in The Gallowgate would still have been an important part of early supporters clubs. Bars in The Gallowgate in the '20s & '30s included Cairns Bar, Cocky Borrs Bar, The Whitevale Bar, The White Elephant, The Wee Mans and The Victory Bar. Various members of Celtic FC were publicans in that area at that time. John Campbell owned a pub at 322 London Road at the corner of Boden Street in 1907 called the Villa Bar. Patsy Gallagher owned a bar at 42-44 Fulbar Street, Renfrew in1920 then took over the International Bar, Clydebank in 1925. James Grant owned The Grant Arms at 19 Argyle Street and Sandy McMahon owned The Duke Bar, 209 Great Eastern Road.

Cairns Bar, 524 Gallowgate

Cocky Borrs Bar, 652 Gallowgate

The White Elephant Bar, 338 Gallowgate

Celtic Supporters Clubs have always had a political side of things. Back in those days they would fly banners in support of Trade Unions and Irish Nationalism. The noise of a convoy of Brake Clubs, with the horses hooves on the cobbled stones and fans with their flags, horns and bells made sure they were heard. This lead to violence on occasions as sectarianism reared its ugly head. The other reason for the demise of the brake clubs was that so many of them were involved in attacks on the way to/after games that there was a major police crackdown on them.  Celtic (through Willie Maley) were publicly critical of the 'gangsters' in the brake clubs.  There's lots of newspaper articles from the 20s and 30s of brake clubs getting stopped on the way to Rangers games and all sorts of weapons being found on them.

Life after brake Clubs. 1940s

Towards the end of the War, football was slowly coming back on the radar with men returning from the conflicts. Football would soon be booming again with huge crowds and a renewed enthusiasm to get back to the games. In September 1944, Willie Fanning wrote to the Daily Record asking for fans to get in touch with the view to starting a supporters club. Within 12 months, they had set up a constitution to amalgamate other CSC's which by then numbered over 700 members. The first project The CSA did was to kit out the Celtic Park ball boys with a uniform. The Celtic Supporters Association was formed. Greenock Shamrock CSC precede the CSA, but from the information I have, whilst not definitive, the oldest CSC's still in existence are

Greenock Shamrock CSC 1935

Celtic Association 1944

Greenock Branch CSC 1945

Kirkintilloch CSC 1945

Port Glasgow CSC 1945

Johnstone No1 CSC 1945

Bellshill & District CSC 1946

Bathgate CSC 1946

Holytown CSC 1946

Shotts CSC 1946

Peter Scarff CSC 1947

Larkhall CSC 1947

Springburn No1 CSC 1947

Lennoxtown CSC 1947

Carfin CSC 1948

Rawyards CSC 1948

St Peters No1 West Belfast CSC 1952

With regards to other organised groups, The Affiliation was the the brainwave of Eddie McCafferty and was formed in 1986. Peter Rafferty was also a huge influence with The Affiliation and he was a great help to me when I first started the Celticbars site. Other supporters groups include The North American Affiliation, The Celtic Trust and Central South Wales and West CSC.

Lisbon 1967

They travelled in their thousands to see The Bhoys become Champions.

Celtic became the first non Latin team to win the European Cup. On qualifying for the final, thousands made plans to make Lisbon their own. 12,000 fans went by bus, train and plane. With these filled up, a cavalcade of highly decorated cars left Paradise for the long trip to Lisbon. It was the first mass exodus of Celtic supporters in those numbers as travel became more accessible. Those who travelled will never forget that momentous time. The homecoming at Celtic Park will also live long in the memory for those who were there. Parading the trophy on an old coal lorry was just pure gallus Celtic.

Bus Park at Lisbon
Celtic FC Lisbon 1967


Looking at the years Celtic Supporters Clubs were formed, there seem to be four notable times when CSC's had a resurgence in formation.

  • The formation of Celtic FC and brake clubs,
  • Post War,
  • Lisbon
  • Centenary year.

30,000 Celtic fans in Old Trafford

There have been other occasions in our illustrious history like Milan '70 and Seville '03 which also saw mass fan travel. In fairly recent times, we have seen many CSC's travel for Testimonials and European games. Barcelona, Munich, Rome, Giggs & Keane testimonials amongst those with tens of thousand going.

Lochgelly CSC Season 1966-67

In the 80s, the supporters buses parked on both side of the Gallowgate. From up beside the old favourite Grange Bar, right down past The Bellgrove Hotel, where we would often be entertained by some of the residents playing their penny whistle for beer money. For those who jumped off their bus before it got parked to get to the pub early for a swally, this would mean fans wandering about after the game trying to find their bus. A fantastic CSC tradition is their club crest where one of the more sensible members of the bus would stand outside with the plaque held high. I used to love seeing all the clever designs. They would also publicise their CSC's to everyone walking by and getting their club known. Other traditions over the years was the local mini entrepreneur's offering to 'watch yer motor mister' Nowadays the young 'uns pocket money seems to have been replaced by older guys, which is sad to see. Supporters buses today now park at the stadium and Emirates Arena. A well known sight is the queue of Irish buses at the front. These are the ones that arrive first and who must leave as soon as they can to catch their ferries. Much respect to Irish supporters for their dedication.


CSC's Charity work

Since the inception of Celtic Supporters Clubs, charity has been at the heart of the very fabric of our club. Brake clubs would raise money for the poor and impoverished. They also raised funds for causes close to their hearts like Irish Oppression and Trade Unions. In recent times with the invention of social media and the vehicle to attract more donations and publicity, charity work has excelled and continues to do our club proud. We have seen clubs like Manhattan CSC after 911 raising funds for NYFD, New Orleans CSC helping rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, supporters doing The Huddle at the top of Ben Nevis, Thai Tims, Food banks, Celtic Foundation sleep outs and individuals like my good friend Iain McGovern walking the length and breath of the country for causes close to our hearts. In 2008, Martin Kane took unwell in Australia. The 'Bring Martin Home' campaign brought us the introduction of The Kano Foundation. I sit in 113 at the games and the Kano Kids are down to my left. It is a joy to see the enthusiasm of the children. One of the original trustees is John Paul Gilmartin. A very humble modest man, who I am proud to say was in my class at school. Kano's motto is 'Keeping football free for kids'. If you can help with this, please help them out here.






Disbanded Celtic Supporters Clubs (468)

Any CSC's still on the go, let me know and I will alter this list.

(Year formed in brackets if known)


25th May 1967 CSC. (1999) Stanley Bar

33 Club Paisley CSC. (1947)

AOH Padraig Pearse CSC. (1978) Whip Inn Dundee

Aberdeen CSC

Airdrie ASU CSC

Airdrie Emerald CSC

Airdrie West End CSC. (1983)

Allston CSC. (1997) Common Ground Bar, Massachusetts

Alnwickhill CSC (1992) Edinburgh

An T-eilean Dubh CSC

Anchor Bar CSC

Andalucia CSC

Anderson Emerald CSC.

Andover & Tidworth CSC

Anjuna CSC. Nelsons Bar, Goa

Anton Rogan CSC. (1984) Pines Bar Cardonald

Anton Rogan Lurgan CSC. (1988) Master McGrath Arms, Edward St, Lurgan

Arctic Tims CSC Norway

Armaghdown CSC

Artur Boruc Holy Goalie CSC

Arydoyne Shamrock CSC.

Athenrye CSC. (1995) The Square Inn

Auchinairn CSC. Nairn Bar, Bishopbriggs

Baden CSC. The Claddagh Ring, Karlsruhe

Bahrain CSC. JJ's Irish Corner, Al Bustan Hotel

Ballybeg Branch No1 CSC (1995)

Ballybrack Shamrock CSC. (1987) Workmans Club

Ballybot CSC. (1996) Nan Rices Bar, Newry

Ballymena Emerald CSC

Ballymena Shamrock CSC

Banknock CSC (1952)

Bannockburn CSC. (1974) Newmarket Inn

Bargeddie CSC

Barleycorn CSC Belfast

Barlinnie Dariusz Dziekanowski CSC (1989)

Barnet CSC. (1995) Port Moody

Barney Vallelys Irish Pub Cologne CSC

Barrie & District CSC. Alliance Bar, Barrie

Belfast Shamrock CSC

Benalmadena No 1 CSC

Benestad CSC Sweden

Berlin No1 CSC. Dubliner Bar

Bhoy's of Erne CSC Fear Manach

Billy Halligan CSC. (1995) Lural Leaf Bar, Falls Rd, Belfast

Billy Stark Temple CSC. (1989) Signal Box Pub, Fulton St

Birmingham No2 CSC. (1978) Woodman Pub Hockley

Birmingham Shamrock CSC

Bishop Auckland CSC

Black Forest CSC

Blackthorn CSC. One Foot Inn, Burnfoot

Bletchley CSC. Milton Keynes

Bobby Murdoch memorial CSC Caiseal-na-Ri

Bob Dylan CSC

Bob Kelly CSC. (1987) Anvil Bar, Riddrie

Bob Marley CSC

Bonnybridge CSC

Borussia Dortmund CSC

Brady's Cuchulainn Dundealgan CSC. (1995) Brady's Bar Dundalk

Breda Rats CSC. O'Meara's Irish Pub, Breda

Brian Keenan CSC Carrickmacross

Brian O'Neill No1 CSC. (1987) St Peters Men's Club, Paisley

Bridgeton CSC (1948) Bridgeton Orange Lodge

Brother Walfrid CSC. Craigavon

Buncrana No 1 CSC Donegal

Burghead Shamrock CSC. Red Craig Hotel, Forres

Burlington CSC. (1993) Tommy Doolittles Bar, Burlington Ontario

Cadzow Emerald CSC. (1996) Auld Hoose Pub, Hamilton

Cairde Na h'Eireann CSC

Cairn CSC. (1969) CSA Northern Area Social Club, Springburn

Caledonian CSC

Calgary CSC. Burns Howff, Cambridge

Cambridge Shamrock CSC. (1995) Rathmore Club

Cambusnethan CSC. Wishaw

Caravel CSC.(1985)  Caravel Bar

Cardonald No1 CSC. (1982) Howdens Bar

Cardonald Emerald CSC

Carfin Jock Stein CSC. (1994) Wattfield Bar

Carluke Shamrock CSC. (1987) The Courtyard Bar

Carmyle CSC. (1988) Banks Bar

Castle CSC. (1974) Castle Bar Glasgow

Castle Douglas CSC. (1974) Blue Bell Hotel.

Celtic Cross Dennistoun CSC

Celtic Cross CSC Londain Briogaid

Celtic Dragons CSC

Celtic Fanclub Munich

Centenary No1 Cambuslang CSC. (1986) Ogilvie Centre

Central & South CSA

Charleville & District CSC

Charlie Tully Brake Club

Chic Murdoch CSC Balornock. Also called Murdoch & Dunn CSC

Chris Morris CSC. (1988) Port Glasgow

Cill Dara Thuaidh CSC

Cill Dheaglain CSC (Ashbourne CSC)

Cill Droichid CSC

Cincinnati Billy McNeill CSC

Claddagh CSC Blantyre

Clonard Hibs CSC

Cluain Dolcain CSC

Clydebank & Old Kilpatrick CSC (1946) Unity Club

Coatbridge Fighting Irish CSC. (1995) The Blarney Stone

Condorratt CSC. (1985) Masonic Arms

Connolly's Bar Chiswick CSC

Continental CSC

Corby 67 CSC. (1993) St Brendan's CC

Corby Emerald CSC. (1978) Domino Inn

Corner House CSC Rathangan

Courtney McKenzie CSC. Ferry Arms Pub, Cork

Cranbrook CSC

Cranhill No1 CSC. (1987) Barn Social Club

Cruiskeen Lawn CSC. (1994) Buncrana

Crumlin Star CSC. Crumlin Star Social Club, Ardoyne

Cuchulainn CSC Dundalk

Culbryde CSC East Kilbride

Culdaff Shamrock CSC. (1992) Culdaff Arms Bar

Cupar & District CSC

Curtis Shamrock No 1 CSC (1991)

Dalbeattie CSC. (1975) Pheasant Hotel.

Dalmarnock Emerald CSC

Dartmouth Canada CSC

Darvel CSC

Darwen CSC. (1984) Engineers Arms

Didier Agathe CSC Motherwell

Douglas Flying Column CSC

Dumbarton Centenary CSC. (1988) McCafferty's Bar

Dunbar CSC

Dun Laoghaire CSC

Eastend Bhoyz CSC

East Finchley CSC

Easterhouse John Ogilvie CSC

Easterhouse Rocket Launchers CSC

Easter Ross CSC. (1988) Inver Gordon Social Club

Eddlewood CSC Hamilton

Edinburgh & District CSC. Ryries Bar

Edmonton CSC. (1996) Sportsman Lounge, Alberta

Elgin Che Guevara CSC

Episkopi Emerald CSC Cyprus

Errigal CSC. (1995) The Celtic Tavern, Falcarragh

Erskine Park CSC. (1988) Park Mains Bar

Everest Lomond CSC (North Sea)

Fairhill CSC

Falls Road Bhoys

Falls Road Celts

Falls Road Emerald No 1 CSC

Fauldhouse CSC

Fenian Lampost CSC

Fergus McCann Rio CSC

Fernbrae No 1 CSC

First Ballymacarret CSC. (1975) Sean Martins SC Belfast

Fitzgerald's CSC New Lodge Road

Fonduefenians CSC

Fort Lauderdale CSC. Dicey Riley's

Fort McMurray CSC

Four Isles Emerald CSC

French Eddy CSC

Fresno CSC. (1999) California

Gallaghers Bar Stirling CSC. (1988) Gallaghers Bar

Gerry Connor CSC. Red Comyn, Cumbernauld

Gerry Watt Torquay CSC

Gertie Brownes CSC

Gibraltar CSC. Three Roses Bar

Gifford CSC. (1963) Guildford Inn, Craigavon

Glenbarr CSC.

Glenbervie Emerald CSC

Glenburn CSC Paisley

Glitter Emerald CSC

Gosport Jimmy Johnstone CSC. Queens Head

Govan Brighton CSC

Grampian Shamrock CSC. (1996)

Green & White Brigade CSC. (1987) Doherty's Bar Hamilton

Greenwell Celtic Circle CSC (1988). Armadale

Grunu Rakettturnar CSC. Mjallagarta Iceland

Hamilton Emerald CSC. (1994) Douglas Bar

Harrogate Hoops CSC. Black Swan

Hartlepool CSC

Hawaii CSC. Legends Bar

Hartley Mullens Castlecomer CSC. (1996) Tommy Coogans Bar, Kilkenny

Henrik Larsson No1 Penilee CSC. Cushions Snooker Club

Holloway CSC. (1995) The Black Horse, Wedmore St

Holy Ground CSC. Auld Hoose Bar, Keppochhill Rd

Horseshoe Hoops CSC

Hrvatska Croatia CSC

Hunter Valley CSC

Hutton St Coatbridge CSC

Ian McWilliams Village Emerald CSC

Ibiza CSC

Inchicore Emerald CSC

Inshot CSC Paisley

Isle of Skye CSC

Jackie Dziekanowski No1 CSC. Riddrie

Jackie McNamara CSC Watford

Jimmy Delaney CSC Doire

Jimmy Drummond Winnipeg CSC. (1996) Santa Lucia Restaurant

Jimmy Johnstone Doncaster CSC. (1977) Doncaster Social Club

Jimmy Johnstone CSC Gosport

Jimmy Johnstone CSC Omagh

Jimmy Johnstone CSC Tullamore

Jimmy McGrory Uddingston CSC

Jinky Johnstone Windsor CSC

Jock McStay CSC

Jock Stein AICSC Cookstown

Jock Stein CSC Hamilton

Jock Stein Donegal CSC. (1995) Quigleys Point

Jock Stein CSC Kingscourt

Jock Stein CSC Woking

Joe Miller CSC. Central Bar Downpatrick

Johan Mjallby CSC

John Collins Galashiels CSC. (1972) The Abbottsford Arms

John Doyle West Belfast No1 CSC. (1983) Felons Bar

John Doyle CSC. Cambridge St

John F Kennedy CSC

John Hartson Loftus CSC

John O'Leary CSC Tipperary

Johnny Thompson CSC Sligo

John Tennyson CSC. (1978) Lisburn AOH

Jonathon Gould CSC. Hyde Park, Plymouth

Kansas Bhoys CSC

Kazakhstan CSC

Keady 9 in a Row CSC. (1995) John Mone Bar, Armagh

Keep Bar Dumbarton CSC

Kent Star CSC Calton

Kettering Harp CSC. The Clubroom

Kilbirnie Paradise CSC

Killorglin CSC

Kilrea Rashharkin CSC. (1996) Rogans Bar Kilrea Derry

Kilwinning Bhoys CSC

Kingussie CSC

Kinning Park CSC. Swan Inn, Pollockshaws

Kitchener & Waterloo CSC

Knightsridge Livingston CSC. (1988) Harvester Bar

Lanark Bhoys CSC

Langholm Shamrock CSC

Larkfield Eddie McLoin CSC (1969)

Larkhall Emerald CSC

Larne Emerald CSC (1995)

Laois CSC

Lewis Capaldi CSC

Liam James CSC Fife



Linn Dubh CSC

Lisbon Lions Letterkenny CSC

Liverpool CSC

Livingston Jock Stein CSC (1998)

Loanhead CSC

Lochend Easterhouse CSC

Lochee No 1 CSC Sons of Tipperary

Lochgilphead CSC

Loftus Cleveland CSC. (1980) Murphy's Bar

London No1 CSC. Cock Tavern, Euston

Long Kesh CSC

Los Angeles CSC. (1989) The West End Pub, Santa Monica & Cock and Bull Bar

Loughbrickland CSC. (1992) Red Star Bar, Banbridge

Lowland Lions CSC. Durty Nelly's Bar, Amsterdam

MacDuff CSC.

Macari & Crerand CSC. (1988) Star Inn Falkirk

Maghaberry CSC

Magh Ealla CSC

Magherafelt South Derry No1 CSC. (1995) Nitos Bar, Magherafelt

Malta CSC. Ryan's Pub, St Juliens

Manchester Shamrock CSC

Manchester Stretford CSC

Manila CSC

Mansfield No1 CSC. (1976) Black Swan

Mansfield Shamrock Alloa CSC. (1985) Mansfield Arms

Mark McGhee CSC. (Later renamed Springpark Emerald CSC) Springburn

Marrowbone CSC. (1996) Glenview Bar, Belfast

Martin O'Neill CSC Reading

Maryhill Harp CSC. (1990) Viking Bar

McLaughlin's CSC. (1975) McLaughlins Bar, Antrim Rd

Michael Dwyer CSC

Mid Leinster CSC. (1988) Pats Bar Tullamore

Midleton CSC

Milngavie Emerald CSC

Milton No1 CSC. (1986) Quin's Bar, Bishopbriggs

Moffat CSC

Moneymore John Thompson CSC. (1990) Tyrone

Montevideo Celtic Group

Moodiesburn Centenary CSC. (1988) Silver Larch

Morningside CSC

Moscow Branch CSC

Mosstodloch CSC Moray

Mullingar CSC

Murdo McLeod Kelso CSC. (1984) British Legion

Murdoch & Dunn CSC

Na Fianna CSC Doire

Neil Lennon CSC Hamilton

Neil Lennon 18 CSC

Newbury CSC

Niamh Erin Ford CSC

North Birmingham CSC, (1973) St Theresa's Social Centre

North Isle Rebel Bhoys CSC

North Kentucky CSC. Tickets Sports Bar

North Wales Emerald CSC, Conwy

Northampton Shamrock CSC. (1975) Irish Centre

Oak Leaf CSC Doire

Offshore CSC North Sea Division

Ollscoil Luimnigh CSC (University of Limerick)

O'Neill CSC Bradford Star

Ourselves Alone CSC Edinburgh

Overtown CSC. Wishaw


Paddy McCourt's Fenian Army

Padraig Pearse CSC Lochee

Pairc Naoimh Erin CSC

Papua New Guinea CSC

Parkhead Emerald No 1 CSC

Partick Smiddy CSC. (1966) Smiddy Bar

Pat Anderson Glenacre CSC

Pat Bonner Coalisland CSC. (1988) Rossmore Bar, Coalisland

Pat Crerand Chester & District CSC. (1989) Ellesmere Port

Patsy Gallagher CSC. (1977) Salmon Inn Donegal

Paul Elliott Irvine CSC. (1995) But n Ben

Paul Johnson CSC. (1992) Old Cross Inn Monaghan

Paul Lambert CSC Linwood & Johnstone

Pedro Campbell CSC Uruguay

Peter Flaherty CSC

Phil O'Donnell CSC Capetown

Phil O'Donnell Hamilton CSC. (1996) Auld Hoose

Plymouth Minerva CSC. (1996) Minerva Inn, Looe St

Polish Bhoys CSC

Polska No 1 CSC

Popes XI CSC Monaghan No 1

Possilpark Centenary CSC. (1987) Carey's Drum

Praia Da Luz CSC

Queens University Belfast CSC

Railway Bhoys CSC

Ramblers Rest CSC Co. Dublin

Rampton No1 CSC. Port Glasgow/Greenock

Rathdrum Emerald CSC. (1995) Jacobs Well Wicklow

Rawyards Airdrie CSC. (1948) Wayside Tavern

Reading Central CSC. (1990) Lesters Bar, Ship Hotel, Duke St

Reading B Battalion CSC

Return to Paradise '95 CSC. Ballymena

Roddy McDonald Falkirk & District CSC. (1978) St Anthony's Church Hall, Rumford

Rod Stewart CSC

Roe Harps Derry CSC. 91994) St Pats Hall, Limaudy

Rogan & Roche Southampton CSC. (1986) Stella Maris Club

Ros Mhic Treoin CSC Loch Carman

Rose & Crown Ormeau Road CSC Belfast

Ross Shire CSC

Rotherham Emerald CSC. (1989) Millmoor Hotel

Round Toll CSC. (1945) Bensons

Saltmarket CSC

San Diego CSC Blarney Stone

Saskatoon CSC (1994)

Scott Brown Rotherham CSC (2021)

Sean Cairde Ceilteach CSC

Sean Gillespie CSC. Ladyton Bar

Seattle CSC. (1997) Kells Irish Bar

Selkirk Bhoys CSC. (1995) County Hotel.

Shamrock Flying Tims CSC. Antrim

Shamrock & Thistle CSC

Shawlands Shamrock CSC

Shepherds Bush Emerald CSC. Tommy Flynn's Bar

Shettleston No1 CSC (1953) O'Kane's, Westmuir St

Short Strand CSC Belfast

Shrewsbury Shamrock CSC.

Sighthill Emerald CSC

Skybar Shamrock CSC. Sky Bar, Alfreton Rd

Sligo Bhoys CSC

Slovenia Emerald CSC

Sons of Athenrye Maybole CSC

Sons of Eire Aberdeen CSC (1993)

South Arkansas CSC

South Derry No1 CSC (1995)

South Down No1 CSC. (1993) O'Shea' Bar, Warrenpoint

South East Emerald CSC. (1996) Bexleyheath Kent

South Lough CSC

South West Donegal CSC. (1984) Kelly's Bar, Frusses

Spirit of 88 Dublin CSC

Spirit of 88 Irishtown CSC

Spirit of Freedom CSC. Bar 67.

Springhill Centenary CSC. (1988) Brandy Bar, Shotts

Squirrel Central CSC. (1974) Alhambra Bar, Kitty's Bar, Squirrel Bar Gallowgate

St Andrews & District CSC

St Anne's Belfast CSC

St. Brendans Centenary CSC Corby

St Brigid's No1 CSC. (1992) Railway Bar, Newry

St. Colmicilles CSC Cavan

St James Belfast CSC

St John's Shamrock CSC. (1996) Adanac Club, New Brunswick

St Joseph's CSC. (1978) Independent Club, Newry

St. Josephs O'Connell Bhoys CSC

St Kevin's CSC. Bargeddie. Thompsons Bar

St. Laurences CSC Drogheda

St Luke's, Peterborough CSC. (1988) Orton Snooker Club

St. Margarets CSC

St Mary's CSC. (1989) Woodman Pub, Hockley, Newry

St Matthews CSC East Belfast No 1

St Michael's CSC. (1986) Anderstown Belfast

St Oliver Plunkett CSC

St Patrick's Greenford CSC

St. Patricks Day Luton CSC

St Serfs CSC. Mulvanney Bar, Airdrie

Star of the Sea Girvan CSC. (1976)

Stephen Whyte CSC Dublin

Steve Chalmers CSC (1987) Renfrew

Steve Murray CSC. (1989) Castle Bar, Coleraine

Star of the Sea CSC Saltcoats

Strabane No1 CSC. (1996) Greyhound Bar

Starry Plough CSC

Swansea Bhoyo's CSC. Room at the Top Bar,

Sweden CSC

Tain CSC. (1996) Railway Hotel

Tameside Emerald CSC. The Stamford Pub, Stalybridge

Tampa Bay CSC. Rose & Crown, Seminole

Tanzy Burns CSC West Belfast

Teeside and Darlington CSC

Thailand No 1 CSC

The Auchinleck St Patricks CSC

The Celtic Cross Barcelona CSC

The Celtic Scooter Squad

The Derry Pele CSC

The Felons Brother Walfrid CSC

The Finglass 1916 CSC

The Invincibles CSC

The Italian Bhoys CSC Verona

The Jim Leslie Tranent CSC

The Shack CSC

The Social Celts Mornington Victoria CSC

Thorniebank CSC

Thringstone Bhoys CSC. Queens Head pub

Timmy's Bar CSC, Fuengirola

Tollcross Shamrock CSC. Park Bar

Tom Boyd CSC. (1995) Donaghys Bar, Dungannon

Tommy Boyd CSC. (1987) Jack Daniels Bar, Motherwell

Tom Boyd CSC East Tyrone

Tommy Burns CSC Gaoth Dobhair

Tommy Gemmell No1 CSC. (1991) Sunbeam Bar, Derry

Toronto West CSC

Torrance Shamrock CSC. (1994) Ledgate Lounge, Kirkintilloch

Tra Mhor CSC. Waterford

Tranent and District CSC. (1973) Tranent Snooker Club

Tribesman Galway CSC. (1994) Brennan's Bar, New Docks Galway

Trinity Lodge CSC Belfast

Tullygally Emerald CSC. (1986) Armagh

Tullyglen CSC Belfast

Turku CSC Finland

Twists and Turns CSC

Tyrone No1 CSC, (1986) Dungannon

Ullapool CSC

United Irishmen CSC

Uphall Shamrock CSC. (1980) Douglas Arms

Upper Nithsdale CSC

Vancouver Barnet CSC. Barnet Hotel, Port Moody

Vale of Leven Emerald CSC. McCann's Bar

Wakefield No1 CSC. Bolands Bar, Union St

Warrington CSC. (1984) St Vincent's CC

Wearside CSC. (1994) Holy Rosary SC

Welwyn Garden City Shamrock CSC

Wembley CSC

West Belfast Tims 7-1

West Cumbria CSC. (1988) Brow Top SC

West Dublin Shamrock CSC

West End CSC Belfast

Western Australian CSC

Westick CSC

Westwood Fighting Irish CSC

Wigan St Patrick's CSC

William Harkins CSC. (1967) St Vincent St, Glasgow

William Thompson Provan CSC. (1976) Provenmill Inn

Willie Brownlow CSC

Willie Fernie CSC Dallas

Willowford CSC. (1970) Cavendish Bar, Nitshill Rd

Winchburgh CSC

Windy City CSC Chicago

Winnipeg CSC

Woolwich CSC. Woolwich Catholic Club

Yogi Bear CSC Aberdeen

Yokermill Road CSC. (1947) Logan Arms Clydebank

I would like to thank the following sites for their references that I used for these muses. Hope you enjoyed a wee look down memory lane.

Celtic Wiki

Glasgow Old Pubs

Celtic Star

The Shamrock

Celtic badges